Air Shipping

Global Express Courier International provides air cargo services to every major continent in the world including North America, Latin and South America, the Far and Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa.

We understand that air freight is a premium and costly service, so our program focuses on quick transit and constant communication, combined with the ability to seize cost saving opportunities.

Air Freight Products & Services:

  • Airport to Airport
  • Door to Door
  • Charters
  • Consolidation Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Sea, Air Transport Solutions
  • We are specialized in:

  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Perishables (Fruit & Vegetables, Tuna etc)
  • Live Fish
  • Live Plants
  • Dry Food Stuff
  • Other General Cargo
  • Special Project Cargo

    Email:     Call: 305-461-1000   877-432-7363     Fax: 305-569-9997