About Us

Global Express Courier has quickly evolved into the first national brand to modernize the standards of same-day delivery by offering businesses a superior experience built on the bedrock principles of convenience, reliability, expertise, and high-level customer service.

Bolstered by an advanced level of technology and trusted, proven delivery drivers, we are an extension of any business and a proven logistics partner. From real-time tracking and confirmation, to transparent pricing, Global Express Courier offers transportation and delivery innovation tailored to your convenience.

We cater to the needs of your business and differentiate ourselves from other courier services with our unique client-driven, tailor made delivery model.

We routinely go above and beyond industry standards by delivering more than packages. We deliver peace of mind and exceptional services from start to finish.

Together, we solve your multi-layered, same-day delivery and last-mile logistics needs.

We are your Coral Gables Courier. We are your Miami Delivery Service.

We are Global Express Courier.

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