Same-Day Tier Service

Global Express Courier gets your package to its destination with same-day service. We provide several options depending upon your needs:

Route Service

Global Express Courier can provide your company with a scheduled route service at a convenient rate.

Economy Service (Standard)

The economy service is ideal for business correspondence. Orders placed before 11:00 AM, and delivered by 5:00 PM, at an economical rate.

Priority Service

Orders placed after 11:00 AM and picked up within 1-3 hours, by the closest driver and delivered by 5:00 PM.

Rush Service

Packages will be picked up within 1 hour or less after being placed and delivered immediately with no stops along the way.

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Waiting Time (WT): $7.00 for every 15 minutes/$28.00 an hour
Extra Weight (XW): $0.15 per pound
Van/SUV: $25.00 additional
Attempted Pick Up/Cancellations: $17.50
Notary Fee: $20.00 additional
Loading & Unloading: $25.00
Packing Fee: $45.00
Inside & Out: $75.00
After Hour Fee (starts at 5 PM): $25.00 additional
Saturday Delivery Fee: $35.00
Sunday & Major Holiday Fee: $50.00
Unavoidable Tolls (Key Biscayne): $1.25
Parking (tbd)

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